Buddy & HalLive at the Bell Cove
JULY 9th, 2002
(DVD approximately 1 hour 20 minutes)

Buddy Emmons

Hal Rugg

When I think of Nashville in 1955 and the
discovery days of the pedal steel guitar,
I remember all the great players involved,
and the mutual respect we had for each other.
For various reasons we lost communication
over the years and had to venture off to
steel shows around the country to find what
was in our back yard. Through the efforts
of all of the participating members of the
NTSGA, that kinship has been restored where
the old and the new have a place to bond.

I can't say enough about my personal
experience at the Bell Cove. Hal Rugg is a
joy to work with and in part, responsible for my decision to become active again. There was an awesome display of support for everyone that
night and seeing players like Don Helms, Jimmy Crawford, John Hughey and Weldon Myrick in
the crowd is something I'll always remember.

We had our share of clinkers on the bandstand,
but I know I speak for every participating player 
in thanking all the people that attended;
especially those that drove in from out of state
and got to see a few steel players prove
they're not perfect. Thanks again, NTSGA.

 Buddy Emmons

I have done a lot of different things playing the 
steel guitar that I thought were very memorable,
  but the jam session I did with Buddy Emmons has
  to be the absolute highlight of my career.

You must realize that the man has been my hero for almost 50 years, and to find myself on the same 
stage with him in a one-on-one situation is most overwhelming, to say the least. 

He's a class act, an icon, and always does the 
steel guitar industry proud... and speaking of proud, 
I was just proud to be there with him.

Hal Rugg

Buddy & Hal
playing 14 songs

  1. Freddie the Freeloader
  2. Midnight in Old Amarillo
  3. Maggie
  4. Blue Jade
  5. Relaxin'
  6. Take Me As I Am
  7. Wills Point
  8. Home In San Antone
  9. Nameless Shuffle
10. Killer Joe
11. Home in Indiana
12. Watch What Happens
13. A Way To Survive
14. Billie's Bounce



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