Buddy Emmons Q&A


  General Q&A...

The Derby
People Buddy has worked with:
(Not including sessions)
(I don't have that kind of web space.)

Little Jimmy Dickens - 1955-56
Carl Smith - 1956
Sho~Bud - early 1957
Ernest Tubb - late 1957-58
Gordon Terry
(in CA) - 1958-59
George Jones - 1959
Ernest Tubb - 1959-62
Ferlin Husky 1962
Ray Price - 1962-68
Claude Gray - 1968
Roger Miller
(on bass, living in CA) - 1968-74
The Everly Brothers - 1988-2001

  Canon and the 12 string...

  Memories, strings, ...

  Ernest Tubb

  Emmons Guitar, Inc.


  Christmas Sounds

Page Eight
  Just for fun...


The Emmons Guitar


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