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From: Buddy
Date: 13 Mar 2002
Time: 17:31:54


The simple way is two beats of 1 and a beat each of 7 and 7b to the 6. Three other examples would be two beats of 1, two of 7b, and then to the 6 chord. Another is a bar of 3 minor before the 6, or you can split it up like the first example with two beats of 1, two beats of 3 minor and then to the 6. A slick way would be the circle of fourths with one beat of 1, one beat of 4, two beats of 7b, and down to the 6. If you using passing chords in an instrumental, the sky's the limit, but when a vocal is involved, you want to make sure the chords you use are compatible with the note the vocalist is singing at the time, especially if they're holding the note for four beats. Most of the time, the above examples are safe.

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