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Re: Chuck Lettes

From: Buddy
Date: 15 Mar 2002
Time: 16:21:56


Chuck: It was a pleasure working with Marcel because he had a genuine respect for the musicians that was always present during the sessions. The studio atmosphere was almost as if he came to town just to record his favorite players. On one occasion, he was overdubbing a long solo by Steve Morse and every time Steve finished blowing everybody away, Marcel would hit the button and say, "Have you got another one in you." This went on for about five takes and Marcel kept every solo so he could put them on a personal tape, sit back in his favorite chair, and listen to them when he got back to Paris. I especially appreciate your comment on connecting the chords because it was a challenge structuring a solo in his music. At first, some of the songs sounded like he wrote the chords down, tore them up, and threw them into a hat, but when we were finished, they somehow made sense. He was a jewel.

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