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Re: Delay Unit

From: Buddy
Date: 16 Mar 2002
Time: 09:58:31


Don: Try these for starters: MODE - 800ms, LEVEL - 9 o'clock, F. BACK - 9 o'clock, and D. TIME - 10 to 10:30. The Mode setting is permanent, the LEVEL and F. BACK are in the ballpark, and the D. TIME should be set for the tempo of the song. I leave my D. TIME at the above setting for slow to moderate tempos and decrease it to the left for faster tempos. I don't use reverb with my DD-3, so if you do, you may have to boost the LEVEL control slightly, as reverb will absorb the intensity of the echo. The sequence is steel to volume pedal, to DD-3, to the amp. Good luck and come back if you have any problems.

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