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Torque of metal neck screws

From: Leon Roberts
Date: 16 Mar 2002
Time: 10:48:01


Buddy, I think it was August of 1984, I attended your week long C-6th School up in Stockton, Calif. You graciously answered our questions about various steel guitar topics during the breaks. On one break, you told us that when you got the rosewood mica push/pull you were playing, the tone and sustain wasn't as it should be. You told us that after loosening the torque of the mounting screws on the metal necks, the sustain improved dramatically. I happen to mention this to some local "Heavy Hitters" and they played around with the torque on their necks. I can't repeat on this family Web Site what they said. It was something to the effect that I should drastically increase my daily intake of Metamucil. Do you remember telling us this? If you do remember, were you serious or was this Buddy's version of steel guitar "Snipe Hunting"? I want to thank you for an enjoyable week and all the listening enjoyment you have given me throughout the years.

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