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Re: Torque of metal neck screws

From: Buddy
Date: 17 Mar 2002
Time: 10:20:55


All right Bruce, since I haven't heard from you I can assume your efforts were in vain. If I had read your reply soon enough I could have told you that the Makita drill driver was the wrong brand for the job. :-) Actually, to clarify what brought this on was I decided one day to tighten all the screws on my Emmons guitar. As I firmed the end plates, etc., I would play a while to test for the guitar for stability. It wasn't until I finished with the necks that I heard a difference in the sound and not until I loosened them that I got it back. So, tightening and loosening screws in certain areas does affect the cabinet resonance but I don't necessarily recommend doing it as a means of improving upon the sound you have. What I discovered was purely by mistake and I'm thankful I had the ears and presence of mind to correct it… and no, I haven't touched my Legrande. Thanks so much for coming to the show. I wanted to get to you to shake your hand but you saw how busy it got, so take care and I'll see you down the road.

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