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Re: Stage Fright

From: Buddy
Date: 19 Mar 2002
Time: 15:01:12


Kirk: You're going through what I still experience at times, only to a greater degree. Whether it's lack of experience with the instrument, long layoffs, or concern over what someone will think of your performance, any type of distraction will erode your capacity to think clearly. First, look for the source and ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if you're not 100%. If your boss is happy, maybe all it will take is more time and experience with the steel or the job. What I play in the confines of my music room usually blows away what I play on stage, and once I accepted that, I learned not to expect to bat a thousand every time I went to the plate. When I used to work in bands, I would start with a confidence factor of 75/25 in favor of my performance being acceptable. Then I woke up one day and realized that the crowd was there for a good time, not to critique my playing, and both my confidence and playing level rose considerably. Just always remember that you can't please everybody. ;-)

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