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Humbucking pickups??

From: Dyke Corson
Date: 19 Mar 2002
Time: 16:08:46


Thanks for a great night at the Midnight Jamboree, my wife and I really enjoyed it - best thing we have heard in a long time! Well worth the trip! I have been playing push-pull Emmons guitars for a long time, and my favorite sounding one has the original single coil pickups - that gets the best sound for me...but there is a club I play every week that has the worst "buzz" and you pretty much have to go with a humbucking pickup (depending on the stage voulme of the band). I have tried Lawerence L710 and George Lewis's E-66 (recent model) but neither of these comes close to the sound I get with the original single coil pickups. Have you tried any humbuckings that you think come close? Or do you know of any other "tricks" to get around the single coil buzz? Thanks in advance!

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