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Re: The Knee Levers

From: Buddy
Date: 21 Mar 2002
Time: 09:14:50


The E9 knee lever configuration on my current guitar with the possible exception of Es to F, are changes I came up with. The Es to Eb and D# to C# are extensions of my first Sho~Bud knee levers. The Sho~Bud permanent model wouldn't allow raising and lowering of the same string, so I could only lower the wound E. When the first Emmons came out, it all changed. The G# to F# came from a Grady Martin lick I heard on Just A Closer Walk With Thee. That same lick is responsible for my coming up with the split pedals, so Grady has been a large influence on my input to the steel. For the C6 knee levers, most came from Curly Chalker and Jimmy Day. The A to Ab (4th string) is a personal choice I added a few years ago. Speaking of choices, Craftsman is an excellent choice. I find it also works well with Wheeler Steels. :-)

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