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Greetings from HERMANN LAMMERSMEYER(and also from US)

From: Hermann,Koos, Gabe,Jelle (and the united steels)
Date: 24 Mar 2002
Time: 12:16:36


message to -Hi Jelle & Koos Biel,((((THIS IS FOR BUDDY)))) if you maybe have already listened to the show, you found out there is 95% of the steel playing on those records ... all the Big E ..., I just found out myself, didn t plan it ..... but its good this way, (smile), if you have Buddy`s e-mail, does he have one ? Send him the playlist, just for fun, and tell him I said hi, just listened to the re-run of the Johnny Bush Show a few saturdays agao .... oooohhhhh I loved it, Hermann bye you guys ... Hi Buddy! <<HEY Buddy ,HERMANN hope,s that you are gonna play on his NEXT CD,,,,,KOOS hope's that also,,,,otherwise,,,,he has A TROUBLE,,,,,(?!) Jelle(&koos)(( we DID hear the Bush show <YOUR THEEE BEST>>))

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