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Jack Logan at Music City Recorders

From: Doug Koempel
Date: 28 Mar 2002
Time: 02:07:48


Hi Buddy, I had done my first recordings at Music City Recorders in Nashville back in the '70s. Some of the players on my sessions were D.J. Fontana, Jimmy Bryant, Bud Logan, Steve Logan and yourself. The engineer was Jack Logan. I had a great affection for Jack, and he had kind of taken me, a young kid from Iowa, under his wing. Whenever I was in town, he'd let me sit in on his recording sessions and would always introduce me to the artists. A few years ago I was back in Nashville and went to visit the old Music City Recorders studio. To my dismay nobody there had ever heard of Jack. Would you happen to know whatever became of him? Also, did Steve Logan continue in music? I remember he was a great rhythm guitar player, and he had done some work with Ronnie McDowell on the "King Is Gone." He had even played a little flute on one of my records. And what about Bud? Is he still in the business? Any info you may have on Jack, Bud or Steve would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Incidentally, your steel licks and Jimmy's guitar picking are still the best things that ever graced any of my records! Sincerely, Doug Koempel / the Memory Brothers

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