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Record Shop ?

From: Bobby Boggs
Date: 29 Mar 2002
Time: 00:49:16


Great playing BTW.My ? On the first couple of bars of the turn around,(Didn't See Your Leaving Coming) Are you lowering the 5th string a full step 5th fret? Or is that a foward bar slant from the 3rd fret?I know you don't want to get into teaching here and I only ask because I've been told you no longer lower the 5th string a full step.It's so slick it comes off like a pedal change.But to my ears I hear it at the 3rd fret strings 1 and 5 then pedal string 5 and then the bar slant etc etc.If you weren't so dangerous with a bar(GRIN) I wouldn't bother to ask.Thanks-----bb

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