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Re: Pickup question

From: Buddy
Date: 29 Mar 2002
Time: 16:42:37


Herb: Funny you should mention the 15.5 pickups because I'm about to order a set of 16ks for my black Legrande of which I'm having an "overly fat" problem. I use the Match Box model 7A and it does tamper with the original sound, but I've leaned on the high end for so long, I've become dependant upon it. I have 20s on my black P/P and like the sound better with the Match Box than without it, but there again, I'm a stickler for clean highs so that's the first thing I consider. It 's been a twenty five year struggle trying to manipulate thick muddy pickups through electronics, so I've made up my mind to start clean with the 16k pickup and go from there.

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