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Re: Things to do

From: Buddy
Date: 29 Mar 2002
Time: 17:07:10


Boy, the E.S.P. must be working today. I just told a friend who left my house about an hour ago that I was going to order 16k pickups for my Legrande and Herb Steiner brought up his 15.5s in his question. The guy that was here asked the very same question regarding coming back with the P/P guitar. It would be quite a costly venture to try and clone that guitar. There was a lot of machining involved in the P/P whereas the all pulls have stamped parts and injection molds that allow them to be manufactured in volume. By the time you paid everybody to make the necessary parts and assemble a P/P, you'd have to put a price on it that nobody could afford. While were on the subject, if you know anybody that wants to sell a 1964 through 66 push pull, as I've love to end up owning one as close to the original design as possible.

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