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Re: jazz on e9??

From: Buddy
Date: 30 Mar 2002
Time: 23:33:55


I played C6 on both albums. Although it's possible to play jazz tunes on the E9th tuning, you are limited to inversions down to the fifth or B note of the E chord. You can extend the possibilities by lowering the B to A, but it still leaves you with little foundation on the bottom to support the upper inversions. The best comparison of E9 to C6 would be the difference in the tenor guitar and the standard guitar: it can be done but the latitude or narrowness of the tuning leaves a lot to be desired. I used a Fender twin on the Emmons Guitar Inc. album and for live dates but had a distortion problem when I needed to crank it up. I've heard of people souping up Fender amps years ago when they were popular, the late Red Rhodes for example, but due to the popularity of the transistor amps, I can't think of anyone today that does it. I'm sure they're out there but I have no names.

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