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Re: Pickup question

From: Dave Robbins
Date: 31 Mar 2002
Time: 00:57:51


Buddy, I currently have the same pickups in my LeGrande III that you have in your Mahogy guitar (#108 Emmons humbuckers). But when I originally ordered the guitar, I ordered it with the E-66's (I only had them in there for a short time). I really liked the sound at low volume, but in a "heavy atmosphere" or loud situation it seemed like it would run out of gas and sound a little too thin. The Emmons humbuckers that I'm using now seem better in that regard, but still not quite right to me somehow. Sure like the sound you got at the '98 convention with your "black" LeGrande and "single coils". I have given some thought to maybe trying the 17.5 single coils. What do you think? I'll be glad to stick the E-66's back in though if you want to experiment. I have been rolling the idea around about trying something different again anyway. Maybe we ought to get together and have a "pickup test" day! Just give me a holler!

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