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C6th setup

From: James Winwood
Date: 02 Apr 2002
Time: 12:16:06


Hey Buddy, Bob Hoffnar made a reference to me a couple of posts ago. I was wondering if you can maybe give me some ideas for knee lever placement. I currently have rkl B and rkr Bb on the 4th string. I know it is important to be able to use certain pulls together, therefore having them on different knees and or pedals. I am trying to optimize my c6th neck for playing jazz. I recently dropped my low C and put a D in the middle I also dropped my boowah and I am not sure what to do with pedal 8 yet. I have my low c# raise on pedal 4. I've been studying jazz here in college. My teacher is a well schooled guitar player, he studied with Martino a bit among others. I would like to be able to transfer all he gives me to my c6th neck, but I can't do that yet until I optimize my copedant. Any suggestions, especially in knee lever placement would be great. I want to find the optimum combination before I put them on, which will be soon(once I know I can order them). Any input would be great. - James -

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