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Re: Early Recordings

From: Buddy
Date: 06 Apr 2002
Time: 09:27:22


Some of Jimmy Day's best work was on the 25" scale Sho~Bud. The long scale became a problem when the G# was added, and that prompted Jimmy to tune his guitar to D rather than go to the shorter scale. I believe the lack of rollers at the nut played a large part in the clarity. The down side was that the strings sawed across grooves in the nut, causing a squeaking sound and wear on the string that led to premature breakage. I'd say it's possible to design a guitar that would be comparable to the original Sho~Bud sound, but again, the long scale verses G# is still a factor you'd have to deal with. The 25" scale gearless Sierra is as clean as any guitar I've had since the Sho~Bud but there were other physical characteristics that put it in a different tone category. It was an excellent guitar for C6 but lacked the Nashville E9th sound of the times. Today, I hear everything from Goose to Moose tone on the tracks, so I believe the Sierra or any other guitar would be an acceptable sound.

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