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steel guitar course

From: picker41 @
Date: 07 Apr 2002
Time: 10:32:18


Hi Buddy; I recently purchased an Emmons steel guitar. I haven't played since the 60's. Needless to say, things have changed from my old Multi-chord. My steel is set up with 3 pedals on the floor and 4 knee levers. The left knee levers lower and raise my "E" I am interested in getting a course that will help me to figure out different configurations of sounds. It didn't take me long to figure out the basics, as I have played steel before. I am familliar with the E9th and the C6th tunings. So any information that you can afford me, will be greatly appreciated. Over the years, I've been playing regular guitar, a fender tele and a strat. But I finally reached that point in ones life, where you go back to your roots. I've always loved playing the steel, I had an opportunity to buy one so I went head and bought it. I'm still learning how to tune it, what a bugger. Thanks, Shep Spinney

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