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Re: C6th setup

From: Buddy
Date: 07 Apr 2002
Time: 11:22:23


You can use the right knee with any pedal combinations, but the left knee lever decision is based upon the two pedals you'll be using most. As long as you press one pedal or two pedals down, the knee can shift in either direction for a lever. If you use pedals 5 & 6 as a home position, you are using the right side of the foot for pedal 6 and the left side for pedal 5. That rocking motion between pedals determines your choice of knee levers to use for either pedal. My LKL lowers the A to Ab and favors the fifth pedal. Together, they give an augmented 11th with a 13th on top if you add the C to B lower. Or it gives you a series of whole tones: C, D, E, F# and G#, or a tight whole tone pattern. My LKR raises the A to Bb which is a dominant 7th by itself but provides an minor 7th or 11th chord with pedal six, depending on your bass note. I'd consider using a vertical lever to lower the A to Ab and use the LKL to lower the middle D to C. Then you could use the LKL with pedals 5 and 6 and not have to space your grips around the D note for chords. If you do, make sure the vertical pivot is to the right so you can combine the LKL with the vertical lever for a purer sounding augmented 11th. I try to keep my half tone raises and lowers of the same string on the same knee for maximum combinations. Otherwise they merely cancel each other out.

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