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Re: Guitar and Amp combination

From: Buddy
Date: 09 Apr 2002
Time: 15:05:12


This one's easy. Without a doubt, the best combination for tone I like best was with a 1963 or 64 push pull and Standel transistor amp with an open back and 15" Lansing speaker. I should think the pickups on the guitar were around 16k at the time. I'm working on the sound now and have ordered 16k pickups for one of my Legrande guitars, along with a new Standel 25L15 Vintage Custom amp. The new Standel has tubes that should make it slightly warmer than the transistor model, so with it and the new pickups, I should have an answer in about five weeks. I have an old Standel Custom transistor model I'm playing through at the house with my Emmons humbuckers, and nothing I have compares to it for that sweet spot.

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