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From: Harry Hess
Date: 10 Apr 2002
Time: 20:37:08


Hello Buddy....great forum you have here. You may remember that I questioned you about the MPX1 some time ago on the "old" forum. I recently had my MPX1 installed in a rack with a Stewart Pro Ref. Amp and an old 2 space Boogie Stereo Tube Preamp. I'm still not using the MPX1 yet......... I've progressed to using only the Bypass switch. The Boogie reverb sounds good to me. If I could just figure out how to easily dial up a delay, I'd be happy. I also figure to bypass the units EQ, 'cause I don't wanna mess with that tube amp tone. What do you think? I must admit, I've been so busy "spinning my wheels" that I have not made much effort to learn the MPX1. Have you tried that rackmount Pod Delay unit? It looks to be more simple to use. I wonder if the tone works good for PSG? Regards, HH

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