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Re: MPX1

From: Buddy
Date: 11 Apr 2002
Time: 10:55:20


A lot has happened over the last week and I'm now running my MPX1 through the effects loop in my amp. You are wise in bypassing the EQ if you're satisfied with the amp tone, but to get the ultimate frequency response from your guitar, I would try the effects loop if your amp has one. Rack mount equipment can take away from your tone as much or more than what it's supposed to add. It amazes me when a company will break their necks to design a great sounding guitar and then put something out that alters the true sound. I set my delay mix on the MPX1 at about 7% and use the gain control at full 6%. That way the mix doesn't eat into the steel sound and the gain serves only for the effect itself. For delay tone, there's a damp feature that allows the softening of the note. I run mine from 2 or 3 percent to 0, depending on the duration of the delay. The zero setting gives a delay that is closest to the tone of your guitar.

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