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Re: The Blade

From: Buddy
Date: 11 Apr 2002
Time: 13:24:21


The Blade is a stock 1968 Emmons P/P with a 9 x 7 pedal and knee setup. There's not a lot of magic in the guitar compared to earlier Emmons models I've heard, but it has something that made me want to hang on to it for thirty four years. I have a black P/P with 20k pickups that would probably sound as good as the Blade if it had 17.5ks as the Blade does. The Black Album was one of the few times I used a Fender amp and I may have gotten lucky that day because I've recorded other sessions with a Fender Twin and got a sound that would blister a beagle's ear. The same applies to a Twin I used on a TV show, so who knows? The push pulls are notorious for mid range quality and the only guitar I've played that comes close is my Legrande. I still have the Blade to compare it to, and when I get through experimenting with new pickups, I'll have a better handle on the comparison.

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