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Re: studio set up and tuning.

From: Buddy
Date: 11 Apr 2002
Time: 18:02:03


Because there are so many variables in every guitar, tuning is a personal choice determined by those variables. My Legrande guitar has the counter-force mechanism that keeps a stable pitch when pedals are down, so I tune the Es 440 with a tuner and they stay there. All my thirds are tuned around 438 to allow for any drift north of that number. I'm going through a change in equipment use from going direct, to now using an amp. My final configuration will be a Standel amp with an active effects loop and a lexicon processor in the loop for reverbs and delays. Reverb is the hardest thing for engineers to deal with, but I rarely use it so there's never a problem. With a delay, the timing can be set to where it's difficult to hear anything other than a broadening of your normal sound. If the rules are no amp, delay, or reverb, then I'm breaking all of them and there's little I can say that would help you. It's a shame because I feel it takes some enhancement of sound to inspire one to play a little better, but I've done it both ways so maybe I'm just spoiled.

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