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Re: MPX1

From: Harry Hess
Date: 11 Apr 2002
Time: 22:58:38


Buddy, thanks so much for your advice concerning the use of the MPX1. I used to play regular guitar plugged straight into input #1 on a Super Reverb, out input #2 to the input of a Roland SDE1000 (delay,etc.) and then out (with the delayed signal only, just one side) and into a Tremolux. So I had a seperate head for the repeat only. I used to back the treble knob down on the Tremolux since in nature, repeats loose high end with each repeat. I wish that I could figure out how to run the MPX1 in stereo with the repeat going to Channel B. Speaking of delay use with a PSG, an example of delay that I thought sounded pretty cool was that of the sound Sneaky Pete used for your's and his version of Yesterday on Suite Steel. I think I heard once that Sneaky Pete didn't even use reverb, that he always used delay instead. But I liked his use of delay on PSG. I heard that you liked Sneaky Pete's playing quite a bit. His individuality can be refreshing. As always Buddy, thanks for your input. It's great fun to be able to converse with you regarding PSG and I sure do appreciate your willingness to chew the fat with the regular guys. You're one in a million. Take it easy. Regards, HH

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