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Blue Jade

Date: 12 Apr 2002
Time: 21:10:36


hi there Buddy, a question from a place called Carlisle in northwest england. your beautiful version of Blue Jade that is on the tape which comes with Scotties/ mel bay book (played at a live concert) is so darned beautiful that I actually cry when I listen to it. The emotion that you create can also be felt by the audience , as your last note gently fades away the applause even has an emotional quality to it, gentle , quiet applause. The people clapping but thinking ho my goodness how can anyone sound so gorgeous.the applause seems secondary to what they are thinking. And that is my question how do you get that emotion ??? is it from the heart and soul ? There are lots of Emmons pedal steels out there but only one Buddy Emmons sound. I have played blue jade on my guitar nigh on 200 times, almost got it spot on, I have a nice "sound" so ive been told but that something special is missing. I have been a Buddy Emmons admirer for many years and your music has given me so much pleasure, so i would like to thank you for your music.If Carlisle sounds familiar to you, its because you were with the Everly brothers a few years ago at the"Sands Centre". Regards Alan.

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