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Re: Amazing Steel Guitar

From: Carlton
Date: 14 Apr 2002
Time: 21:35:01


Thanks for the info. Buddy, I am older than you by 7 years. First got turned on to steel by a neighbor playing dobro at my house when I was 7. I tuned a flat top to open G and used a case knife for a bar and learned by listening to radio. Got my first 6 string lap steel from Sears($65 gtr/amp)@ 16 and got hooked on Byrd and Wiggins. Played all thru high school and in the Navy aboard a destroyer. First pedals in 70(old Sho-bud).Next a ZB, a Dekley, an Emmons, and currently another Bud. Got hooked on you when I first heard you with Dickens, and been a fan of yours ever since.The highlight of my career was when you played steel on all my demo sessions with Sawgrass Music. After all this time playing, learning and listening , I can truthfully say i have never heard a better steel picker than you. Glad I met you, and may you never stop. CD

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