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Re: tips for finger picks?

From: Buddy
Date: 16 Apr 2002
Time: 16:50:24


Thanks Nick. I would start with just a thumb pick. I played steel shows and recorded with a thumb pick for over six months and was quite comfortable with it, but if your fingers are larger than mine, it might pose a spacing problem for you. I'd give it a shot anyway. I'd still be playing without finger picks if it hadn't been for a busted nail. If just the thumb pick doesn't work, then align the blade of the finger picks over the strings and go for hand comfort. Everyone's hands and fingers are shaped differently so don't try to position your hand like someone else's unless it's comfortable. I had no one to show me so I developed a position that best conformed to the shape of my hand over the strings. As for the crossover, I lived in California at the time Sho~Bud was manufacturing them. When I moved back to Nashville, I heard that problems some players (not all) were having with the mechanics of the system forced them to discontinue it.

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