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maxing out c6th

From: James Winwood
Date: 16 Apr 2002
Time: 18:34:48


Buddy...I need 400 bucks for those knees. I also mite need someone to put them on. What has been brewing inside me for months when I think about this has reached its boiling point. Since I rarely play E9 anymore, and all my studies on c6th, why don't I just get a maxed out s-12 c6th. I can get one on trade and maybe even get some money back. (which I'd use to pay whoever drives me to pick it up, I have no car.) I can then get the copedant I want, and then some with room to spare. I know you have devised a c6 s-12 copedant, and I was hoping you could share it with me since you've been here and done this before. I would be pleased as punch. You can email me if you like at Thanks...back to the drawing board. James

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