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Preferred knee levers

From: Carlton from Owensboro
Date: 17 Apr 2002
Time: 23:33:35


Greetings Buddy..If you had only four knee levers (E9th) aside from the flat and sharp on the two E's , what would you chose for the other two? I am experimenting with my two RK's. Mainly whither or not to change my RKL which flats middle G# to F#, to flatting my D to C#. In running scales from bottom to top that would seem to be logical. That lever also pulls the top F# to G. My RKR moves my top E flat to D/C# and the middle B to B flat. I guess I'll leave that one alone. You got any better ideas for a four lever set up? (Day copedant) I'm hunting around for the best way to do single string runs with the least amount of work. Am I lazy or what? Well, I am old and slow :-( Thank you for any comment you may wish to offer. CD

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