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Re: Guaged Roller Nuts

From: Buddy
Date: 18 Apr 2002
Time: 12:24:39


Yes I've wished for uniformly gauged rollers on several occasions, mostly when I was playing. :-) Seriously though, I have three or four different gauged rollers on my Legrande and still have the buzz problem, which means the idea is no better than the judgement of person in charge of putting them on. My buzz starts at the 6th through 8th strings and could have been minimized if the assembler would have used a couple of the 5th string rollers for strings 6 and 7. They also used a comparable set of roller nuts for each tuning, which in my opinion should not have been done. I give the Emmons guitar company an A for consideration and effort but I think if they spent a little time figuring what gauges they already have fit each tuning best, it would be a lot better. One thing that affected my situation was that I use different gauge strings than those put on at the Emmons company. My set is a cross between the George L Nashville and Tension Balanced sets along with a .079 to replace their .068. The .079 is fat enough to give any roller nut fits. As for why some other companies don't do it, I can't tell you. Even five different gauged nuts would help considerably. Maybe those differences in so many player's choices of string gauges is one thing that makes manufactures less enthusiastic about bothering with trying to get it perfect.

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