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"Getting Over You Again"

From: Carlton from Owensboro
Date: 21 Apr 2002
Time: 23:29:03


Buddy, I want to compliment your work on that G Watson song; Getting Over You Again. The intro & solo are really cool, beautiful is a better word. I printed the tab and have been trying to learn it this week end. I really like the sound of the four interval up move on 6th string in 2nd bar while the 3rd rings steady @ 2nd interval. That's neat, but hard to do...for me.But my real problem with it is little one count on strings 4&5 @ fret 13. It requires pedal A and lever E at same time & that isn't easy . In fact I had to use another move to get a voicing close to it, but not quite the same. Anyway, good job Buddy. Now I gotta go out and find that record so I can hear the whole song and all else that's on it.CD

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