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Re: Improfisation aufg der Steelguitarre und Steelguitarkurse

From: Ernie
Date: 22 Apr 2002
Time: 07:12:59


Something like this: Like I learn most easily Improfisation on the Steelguitarre. Do you have a school for that? (Video) I would know gladly once to you rüberfliegen around you to learn, and to learn some Tipps of you and trick. In Germany, there are not unfortunately many so good Steelplayers as well as in America! Yet unfortunately I have never to begin would have is will become acquainted with too little money around this trip. there I 4 CHILDREN the money very tight and I you probably or sit vis-á-vis of you and learn Steelguitarre of you. It could be heard prettily something of you. Hope it is on some help... Ernie

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