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Re: chord

From: Buddy
Date: 24 Apr 2002
Time: 14:54:20


I don't have that song listed on the From The Heart album but "Take Me As I Am" has a slide coming out of the bridge that may be what you're referring to. I think the song is in E so a couple of things happen that gives the chord the illusive sound it has. First, the slide starts at the 14th fret with strings 4, 5, and 6 with pedals down and crosses two harmonic positions before the stop, which is pedals down at the fifth fret. To take full advantage of the crossover technique, you must lift the fingers off the strings in back of the bar as you slide, to keep from muting the harmonic positions. By the time it arrives at the 5th fret, the harmonics are blended with the original notes to produce the eerie sound you hear. It also sounds like I may have slid down to the fourth fret and up to five, so try that too. The chord is a B minor seventh, and Gene's voice adds a C note or an extra inversion to the top of the chord that makes it sound like it has more notes than it actually does. So, start at fret 14, pedals down and keep them down throughout the entire slide to fret five, and the harmonics and the vocal will take care of the rest. See there, nothing to it. :-)

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