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Re: C6 Tuning [Paul U. Whidby Jr.]

From: Buddy
Date: 26 Apr 2002
Time: 09:45:46


I base my solos for the any tuning around my ability to hear intervals and years of listening to music. The only thing I can suggest is that you train your ear for intervals first by understanding what goes on within the major scale. You can do this in your head and away from the guitar at any time. The C6th tuning consists of major third, minor third, and whole tone pairs. Once you can recognize distances between intervals of the scale, you'll recognize the C6 tuning intervals and know where to place the bar to get from one string to the next. As a listener, you need to be able to hear fifths, sixths and all other notes that pop up during solos. Then you can go to your guitar and look for the notes. But don't expect to play them all, as the much of the basic C6 tuning is limited by the major and minor third groupings I mentioned above. Having a sharp ear is what allows a musician on a session to double or play a harmony part to a line another musician comes up with, and do it in a short time just by listening. Until a player can hear what's going on, the frets will have no significance and it most of the playing will be guesswork.

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