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Have you heard the SIB Echodrive pedal?

From: Brad Sarno
Date: 30 Apr 2002
Time: 11:55:31


I discovered the coolest delay pedal I've ever seen. Made by SIB Electronics, this delay pedal is an emulation of a classic tape echo. SIB pedals have been picked up by guitarists like Sonny Landreth, Eric Johnson, and other tone junkies. The unit is a tube circuit for your dry signal and the delay is digital but has filtering and a drive control to get the tape echo sound,you know like how each repeat is slightly darker and murkier than the note before it. This lets you get away with a decent amount of delay without it getting in the way. Also the tube factor creates a slight compression so while playing the delay gets ducked slightly behind what's actually being played. I'm personally into maintaining purity in the signal chain. I hate running my signal thru a processor doing the A/D D/A thing, but mixing in effects in parallel with my pure signal is fine. This Echodrive placed 12" after my passive volume pedal gives the best tone I've heard from me yet. Something about a pickup into a passive volume pot right into a tube, man the nuance and sweetness is incredible. Then the delay from this unit mixed in slightly finishes it off. You gotta try it. Now my whole chain is just this pedal and a tiny bit of amp reverb. Brad Sarno St. Louis

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