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Technique or electronics( or both?)

From: Alan miller
Date: 30 Apr 2002
Time: 18:31:15


Buddy ,firstly thanks for putting a date on my Legrande11 a couple of days ago, its nice to know its only about four years old. This next question may have been asked many times but I have only been on your message board a few weeks. I have read with interest about the various devises people are using to enhance the sound of their music,I use a session 500 and nothing else. I'm told have a nice sound but no matter how I try to pick each string equally some of the tones do not appear in the ear! The top pedal steel players have an ability to make every string "sound" equal in volume, you have the ability to do this better than anyone else, is it purely good technique or do you use some electronics to enhance what you already have? and is there anything on the market that I could look into buying? many thanks.

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