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Re: Technique or electronics( or both?)

From: Buddy
Date: 01 May 2002
Time: 09:05:44


I'm assuming you've tried backing the mid-range off your amp by now. I had a Session 500 I used with 17,500 ohm pickups and still had a muddy sound, so the first and least expensive thing I can suggest is to borrow a Goodrich Match Box from somebody and try it. The Match Box smoothes the mid range out and adds a sparkle to the high end that allows for better separation of notes. With some amp/pickup combinations, it takes a little too much out of the mids but with yours, it may give you what you're looking for. The Match Box has saved me many times when I've had to use amps I couldn't adjust properly. If you like it, any dealer of steel guitar accessories can get you one, or I can order it through Buddy Emmons Music; but try one first.

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