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"The Way to Survive"

From: Carlton
Date: 02 May 2002
Time: 08:45:00


Buddy, I feel embarrased to keep asking you stuff about this song, but I have been asked to do a solo at a rather large spring festival, and I have chosen to play that one. Woe is me ?:-( I have been working on it for days, using your 1977 ISGC cut as a reference, and though I will never do it like you did, nor should I (exactly), I would like to do it close to your way. In your comeback after the fiddle you ran the I & II chords using mid chromatics or so it sounds to me. Were you using some effects there? Seems I'm hearing more than single strings. Am I wrong? Its a beautiful sound, but I haven't found it..yet. Hey , maybe it ain't on my old Bud, or ain't in me. :-o Thanks for any help you may offer me here. CD

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