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Matchbro settings?

From: Roger Rettig
Date: 02 May 2002
Time: 13:54:35


At long last, after being most impressed by the effect acheived by various players using one of these, I've acquired a used one. Can you offer some advice regarding settings? I've plugged it in but, while it's altered the EQ a lot, it's not very Dobro-like! I'm running through a Profex and a Nashville 400 - should I bypass the Profex, and how should the amp be set? I suppose it's conceivable that the battery in the Matchbro is a bit 'down', but the two controls are having some effect, so I don't think so. I imagine a different 'attack' may be called for as well. As always, your thoughts would be invaluable, and very much appreciated - we all seem to be eating into your leisure time with this forum, and giving little in return! Best wishes - Roger

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