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Re: Matchbro settings?

From: Buddy
Date: 02 May 2002
Time: 16:34:23


If the controls are working properly you should notice extreme differences in each, so I don't know what to suggest unless it would be new batteries. Try the old tip of the tongue trick on the 9 volts and that should tell you. Otherwise, you shouldn't have to bypass anything. The original Matchbro was set using my amp settings, which were normal settings for most players at the time. On some models the controls were reversed and work backwards but if yours are normal, the starting point I recommend is 12 o'clock for the Tone and 10 o'clock for the Timbre. The timbre control thickens the sound as you rotate it to the right but too much will give it a goosey texture, so don't ever go over half way. The Timbre control setting will be determined by how you set your mids on the amp and the tone should be set to tame or soften the Timbre sound a bit.

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