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Have you tried GHR or Arnica for wrist condition

From: Brad Sarno
Date: 03 May 2002
Time: 15:26:34


I'm sure you've looked into everything under the sun regarding your wrist condition, but I wanted to make sure you've experimented with Arnica Montana, a homeopathic remedy. I use it for any sprain, strain, bruise, burn, really anything involving sore stuff. Try the oral or cream. Now my latest discovery is this stuff called GHR-15. It's a nutitional supplement made of mainly amino acids and some other stuff and what it supposedly does is convince your pituitary gland to begin to release it's own growth hormone. Our bodies quit releasing large amounts of growth hormone when we hit our mid 20's. I'm 36 and decided to try the stuff. So far, 5 months into it here's what I can attest to. I have major hair regrowth, almost restoring my "college" hairline; my tinnitus has diminished by about 50%, my knees and cartilige are much stronger, my muscle tone is better, my sleep is heavy and I wake up much easier in the AM, and to put it simply, my girlfriend is happy for less mentionable reasons relating to stamina. I tried this stuff for the hell of it and I'm seriously impressed. I thought of you because it made me think that this stuff may help your body to get the edge on rebuilding and regenerating damaged tendons, muscles, whatever. I went from feeling 36 to feeling about 25. I'm not sellin the stuff but I think it's worth a try. You can find it on the net thru many nutritional supplement dealers. GHR-15. Brad Sarno

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