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"An Eye For An Eye"

From: Joe Henry
Date: 05 May 2002
Time: 17:06:28


Hi Buddy, a while ago I got a CD of the Ray Price album "The Other Woman" and today I played along with it to study those great steel parts that you did, and in the intro to that song (An Eye For An Eye) you did something that sounded like an ascending line and a descending one played simultaneously. Ive heard that before somewhere, it seemed rather tricky. After maybe half an hour of trying around, I found that sound is available by sliding back two frets (from the no pedals position), picking strings 2 and 5, pushing pedal A and engaging the lever that lowers 2nd string to C# (or, in my case, to D and do a bar slant since it cant lower that far) and then smoothly releasing both the A pedal and the lever. Can you confirm if this is the way to do it? Also, at that time (1965, when I was born, BTW) did you already lower the 4th string and/or use any additional changes? Thanks and all the best, Joe H.

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