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Right hand technique

From: Myk Freedman
Date: 08 May 2002
Time: 02:09:42


Hi Buddy, I am a 21 year old jazz quitar player who has resently switched to playing steel. I am currently using a 6 string lapsteel(untill i can afford a pedal steel). I have worked out a right hand technique which i would like your advice on. From highest string down to the second lowest i designate each finger to one string (ie pinky on highest-ring finger on the next ect.) My goal is to get each finger to be equally strong so as to essentially have five picks. I also use this techniqe so that i can play octaves quite easily (with the lap tuned as EBG then EBG an octave lower). And when i want to play on the lowest string i shift all my fingers down a string. Do you think this is a logical approach? Or would you suggest a different one? Sincerely, Myk Freedman

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