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From: Brad Sarno
Date: 08 May 2002
Time: 11:05:36


Hi Buddy. I'm playing a Mullen U-12 laquer finish steel. It has that Mullen tone. I've been going thru all my bootlegs and albums and really trying to hone in on the distinct character of tone that each brand of axe seems to have. I can hear the Sho-Bud (wood), I can hear the Sho-Bud (aluminum), Zum, Mullen, Carter, and Emmons. They each have a voice. People say that the Zum and Fessenden are close to Emmons and I hear what they mean but it still isn't the same tone. To me the way to notice the tone is to listen for the vocal, almost vowel sound they tend to make when played right. The Mullens seem to have a smooth, Sho-Budish "wooo" or "hmmmmm" voice. The Emmons has a "weeee" or a "waaaa" like in the word "fang". Is this getting weird yet? Anyway, I think this tone is more overt on the old PP stuff but even the Legrandes II and III seem to have this characteristic, and maybe the mica helps it too. It's almost like the Emmons has a stronger cry to it. Why do you think the Emmons does that when the Emmons-like guitars dont? The Zum is similar in consruction but sounds mellower and the vocal sound different than the Emmons. I'm wanting a S-10 for my country only gig and my ear keeps coming back to the Emmons. Just curious why you think the Emmons has that unique voice that I dont hear in others. Thanks, Brad Sarno

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