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Re: from D-10 to S-12?

From: Buddy
Date: 12 May 2002
Time: 09:01:49


Switching from ten to twelve strings is probably more awkward than complicated, depending on how much time you've spent with a D-10, how much C6 you play, and how you use the lower half of the E9th tuning. If you play more chords than single notes on strings six through nine (on E9), the biggest nuisance will be having to hold a knee lever in and adjusting to the new interval spacing. I sat down behind a U-12 one time and it took about three minutes to know that it wouldn't work for me. There are advantages to either way but interpreting them is a personal thing and left to the individual's tastes. If a person's reasons for changing are compelling enough, those differences I mentioned become less of a problem.

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