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Re: Buddie's Boogie

From: Buddy
Date: 13 May 2002
Time: 08:02:31


My Bigsby came with two of Speedy West's tunings: E6th on the inside neck and a no pedal inverted tuning on the back. The E6th was standard with a pedal change to F# 9th and the inverted tuning was E, C#, G#, E, Bb, F#, D#, F#, with strings 7 and 8, or D# and F# being plain strings. By the time I recorded Buddie's Boogie, I had changed one of the tunings to C6th, so what you heard may have been the inverted tuning. If Little Jim didn't mention the tune was on the Columbia label, the radio show was probably before the recording, which could mean I still had the E6th and F# 9th pedal combination. I'm curious now, so is there a chance of sending it to me?

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