This is from one of Buddy's "Steel Guitar Work-Shop" columns from Guitar Player magazine.  The tab is copied directly from the column.  Please note that at the time it was written out Buddy didn't indicate gliss notes or held notes.  Listen to the original recording on the Black Album, "Emmons Guitar, Inc." for the gliss notes and also for the timing.

E9th Tuning

This month we're going to pick a tune from my latest album using the E9th tuning, and try to familiarize you with positions and use of open strings.  On the bridge you will find L K L which means the left knee pushing left (This was a typo and should have been
"LKR" which means the left knee pushing to right.  In the tab it's listed as "e". As far as I know Buddy hasn't ever had the E's to Eb on the LKL.)
  It drops the two E's ½ tone.  The rest of the diagram uses the 2 standard pedals for E9th.  This issue has the first half of the recording up to a modulation and 2nd bridge.  The next issue will contain the last bridge and the ending.
TEXT FROM PART TWO:  (starts after the piano solo).  
As you recall, I mentioned in the last issue a modulation at the end of "Greensleeves."  For those who have not heard the tune from the album, it is merely an eight-bar turn around with the piano ending in D major.  The second bridge then starts in A minor, as indicated below, making use of the diatonic tuning.  I will note here instead of in the diagram that the tag is done in harmonics starting with the last two notes of the 2nd bridge in A minor.
(Please note that when I made up the tab, I put in the "*" after the harmoniced notes).
As you get used to the tuning, you will start to realize how many chord changes can be administered without moving the bar.  This is one of the reasons it has become such a good commercial tuning from the looks of things it will be around awhile.

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   *= Harmonics
To hear this, dig out the Black Album "Emmons Guitar, Inc."

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